Installing & Removing AudioDocs

Once you have downloaded ClickOnce Installer, run it. It will install AudioDocs. You don't need Admin rights for this process. When installed, AudioDocs is added to your Start Menu.

To uninstall, search for AudioDocs in the Uninstall a Program Menu in the Control Panel. Double-click and AudioDocs will be uninstalled.

Using AudioDocs

Once AudioDocs has been installed, double-click on the Desktop shortcut, or Start Menu shortcut. That will bring up AudioDocs. From there, you can click MS Word to AudioDocs. It will bring up a menu with different options, like TTS Voice Selection, Dictation Rate, Dictation Volume, etc. Set that to what suits your needs.

From testing, the values of -2 to 2 for Dictation Rate are the best and it is best to keep volume at 80+
so that it is easy to hear, however, any value (except 0) will still be okay

Then, click Create AudioDocs. You will see a green progress-bar pop up, which shows you AudioDocs' progress. Once it says Processing & Conversion Finished, AudioDocs has finished and you may safely close the program.

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